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Receive calls and SMS

We follow the series of tutorials dedicated to the GPRS modules, and how could it be otherwise, this time we have to receive SMS and calls. Also we will identify the number that is calling us or sending the SMS and we will read its content using the serial monitor. If you have followed the previous […]

SIM900 module


As it seems that the subject of the communications raises a lot of interest among the readers of this humble page, we have decided to dedicate some sessions to GSM / GPRS modules based on the SIM900 module. With this peripheral we can use our Arduino as if it was a mobile phone: calls, SMS and connect […]


Hello World!

Serial.write(“Hello World!”); We are happy to introduce our free Arduino course, intended to start from scratch. We hope you like it and help you get into the world of microcontrollers. Have fun and share it if you like it.