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No previous knowledge required. Intended to start from scratch

Arduino is, probably, the family of the most well known microcontrollers in the world. At a time when being proficient in technological skills is esential, Arduino offers a low-cost platform to introduce you in the world of programming, electronics and computer science in a simple and efficient way. And besides it is very funny.

Arduino also has a very active community to help you in all levels of learning.

If you want to know more about Arduino, you can see its history in the following video:


Nothing. We are aware that starting can be overwhelming so the course is designed to start from scratch and we will explain each and every one of the necessary concepts on programming, electronics, and computer science when needed.

You only need enthusiasm and some spare time plus some materials that will be detailed at the beginning of each chapter, or a starter kit with all the necessary components.

Our course is organized in small chapters in which the necessary concepts are presented step by step and in an entertaining way,  without  taken for granted any prior knowledge.

The chapters are organized in broader modules, such as Initiation, Sensors and Displays, which are intended to establish the basic skills needed to move to higher level modules, which will be further published.

Overall, the course is intended as a guided itinerary with clear objectives .

First teach you programming. Just as when we are taught language and literature in the school, it is not expected that we all be writers and journalists, we don’t expect either that all students become developers. It is something that, somehow, is essential to understand the current technology.

We also hope to show you that it is not necessary to be a nuclear engineer to handle a distance sensor, to control a small engine, or display information on an LCD screen. We do not expect you all to become engineers but to realize that you could, given the case.

The course is aimed at anyone with  interest and curiosity. The general consensus is that the minimum age to begin programming  a language like C ++ is about 13 or 14 years. From there, anyone can follow the course without problems, we even know some retired people excited about Arduino.

It is not aimed at  an specific audience, but rather at people with curiosity and enthusiasm  to do things that get moved or turn on lights following your orders. Those who have worked with workstations will be surprised of how many things can be done with a 20 € Arduino, things that are not allowed to a common PC.

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Hello World!

Serial.write(“Hello World!”); We are happy to introduce our free Arduino course, intended to start from scratch. We hope you...